Jetlite Jetlag

5 Ways To Minimise Jet Lag

Few things dampen the first days of a vacation more than jet lag and if you are flying long distance then this is certainly something which you are going to have to bear in mind if you are going to be flying rapidly across time zones then this is something that you will certainly have to plan and prepare for. The effects that you will get from jet lag are severe tiredness, some nausea and a general feeling of lethargy which could certainly prevent you from doing activities in the first couple of days of your break, as you begin to adjust.

Jetlite Jetlag

In order to help you to avoid jet lag, here are some tips on avoiding it altogether or at least reducing the symptoms.

Changing The Hour

One great tip that will help you to smoothly transition between the time zones is to start gradually changing your own hours to match the new destination. If for example the time is going to change by 6 hours, try to start going to bed a touch sooner in the days running up to your flight, even if that means getting up at 4am. You may not enjoy doing this, but once it is done you will be thankful when you get to your new destination.

Stay Hydrated

The reason jet lag hist us hard is that our bodies have an internal clock and when we change the time zone, it takes our body a while to catch up. Much of this can be avoided if you begin to change that internal clock before you leave home, but staying hydrated is also a great way to avoid those effects of jet lag. This will certainly give you a huge help in minimizing the symptoms.

Managing Light Exposure

For the large majority of the world, our brains are aware that when it is light it is daytime and when it is dark it is night. Even if you are not able to sleep whilst it is nighttime at your new destination, because your body clock is on another zone, you can help yourself in reducing the exposure to light. If you are on the plane and it is nighttime where you are going, yet light outside, use a tight fitting eye mask which will block that light out.

Resting Up

One of the most important factors in minimizing and helping to avoid the effects of jet lag is to ensure that you are properly rested before you travel. Some think that if you are sleep deprived then you will be able to rest well on the flight and that you will be able to avoid jet lag but the truth is that this will only make matters worse. It is absolutely essential that you ensure you are getting a good night of sleep before you travel and that you are fully rested ahead of your trip.

This is how you can ensure that you beat jet lag or at the very least, minimize the effects which it has on you.