6 Tips for Fuss-Free Family Travel (No Booze Required!)

The first trip we ever took with kids was when our daughter Alexa was six-weeks-old. Traveling is one of the things I am most passionate about and I decided early on that the sooner we started to travel with kids the better–that way we wouldn’t be afraid of the unknown. I remember thinking the first couple trips were so easy; she just slept in her sling against my chest and whenever she was fussy we had a bottle or pacifier ready to go.

The trip we took her on when she was five-months-old was a whole different story. What seemed like a simple five-hour flight to Colorado turned into a what-were-we-thinking moment of panic. To put it simply: Nine hours to France with a three-month-old is easier than five hours with a five-month-old!

After that trip we decided to hold off on air travel for a bit. Our next journey was a six-hour roadtrip to Cape Cod when Alexa was close to a year. I’d always heard that car trips are great for babies because the car just lulls them to sleep–wrong! Or, at least wrong for our New York baby, who is not accustomed to riding in cars. She didn’t sleep a wink and I definitely did not bring enough toys or snacks. Luckily, by the time our son Hayden was born we had a few more tricks up our sleeve.

Nichola Hunt

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