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Simple Tips To Help You Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

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When it comes to being sustainable environmental groups very often talk abut the simplicity of the change for the average Joe, which can still make a big impact. Do we need governments and large corporations to take action and change? Of course we do, but this is not to say that we cannot take steps to change as well. The truth is that you can actually make a big impact simply through making small changes in your daily life. Le’s take a look then at what some of those changes will be.

Less Food Waste

When you throw food waste away you are not just losing  money but also causing harm to the environment. The reason for this is that when that food breaks down, it creates greenhouse gases which are harmful to the environment. Tailor your shopping list so that you buy only the food which you need and which you know that you will eat.

Throwing Cups Away

It is essential that you are mindful of the single use items which we are given when we are shopping outside of the home. are you average Starbucks for example, for every cup bought that is waste which is discarded of which doesn’t need to go. These cups are almost always made from virgin paper rathe than recycled and this too causes a problem with waste. A simple solution to this is to take your own cups or drink indoors where you will be served with a washable cup.

Water Efficient Showerhead

You can save up to 40% of the water that you are using in the shower by replacing the showerhead. What these new devices do is better spread the water which means you still get a great shower but only use a fraction of the water which you do now.

War on Plastic

We have got to wage war on single use plastics such as plastic bags and plastic straws. This is a material which takes years to break down and even when it does it releases noxious gases into the atmosphere. Plastic very often finds its way to the ocean as well, where we have seen first and that it kills marine life. Many whales which are washed up to shore are found to have plastic waste inside their stomachs, we are quite literally killing the world with this. Use a hemp or cotton reusable bag when you go to do the grocery shop, and you can also buy bamboo or metal straws which are much better than the plastic variety. Ensure that you ignore the use of plastic cutlery and minimize your use of single use plastic.

Buy Local

One of the  very best things that you can do is to buy local for as much as you can. The longer that a product has to travel to get to your door, the more energy it is using. A far better idea is to support your local environment and buy from there.