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Declutter Your Home During Lockdown (These Tips Will Reduce Anxiety)

Given that so many of us have been stuck at home for such a long while, many of us have now been reduced to cleaning in order to keep our spirits up and to keep us active. This has in fact come as a welcome relief and if ever there was a perfect time to get the house decluttered, now is very much that time.

Lego mess

When you decide to rip up the house and clear out all the things which you don’t need or which have been clogging up drawers and closets for too long, here are some tips on how to go about it.

Be Ruthless

This task is about two things, the first is that it is about cleaning up the home but it is also about improving your anxiety issues. Whether you are conscious of it or not, having jobs outstanding or simply aware of the clutter that you have in the house, it all contributes towards your stress and anxiety levels rising. In order to achieve both aims here, it is essential that you are absolutely ruthless when it comes to getting rid of your stuff. If you do not use it, it doesn’t fit or you never will use it, just get rid.


Throwing everything away that we no longer need isn’t really a good idea from an environmental stand point and that is why you should look to put anything that you are getting rid of, to use. For example you can sell some items on the likes of eBay if they still hold a little value. Alternatively you can donate items which you no longer want or need and that too can help your anxiety as you can be safe in the knowledge that you have given new life to the item, and helped someone.

Finish What You Start

Something which can very often happen and which will do neither your home nor your anxiety any good is to start the de-clutter, and then realize that it is too much to achieve in a single day, leave it to one side then never really get back to it. The result of this is that you have stuff everywhere and you either end up finishing the job or throwing it all back into the closet until you get started again. If this is the case you might need to look into a service to remove the extra items for you, additionally, you many have bulky items like old mattresses you may require a mattress removal Sydney service to properly dispose of. The lesson behind this then is that you ensure that you only bite off what you can chew. Focus on a single room, drawer or closet first and once you have completed that, move on to somewhere else. Once you get the declutter bug there is a temptation to go around the whole house and get it done, but you have to ensure that you are able to complete whatever you start, and that you have the time to do so.

Be planned and prepared, be ruthless and make sure that you try, wherever possible, to either make money or donate the products that you decide to get rid of.