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The Dentist Near Who Changed My Experience

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There is nobody out there who would say that they enjoy going to the dentist but there are some who genuinely despise the entire experience and this is very much the category that I used to fall into. All of this changed however when a dentist near me opened up, and helped me to get over my fear of going to the dentist.

Previously I used to put off appointments for years on end, I would focus so hard on making sure that I looked after my teeth and I would do so because that was the only way in which I could ensure that I never had to go, or at least it would be unlikely that I would have to visit the dentist. The time came when I was due an appointment and so I tried the new practice which had opened, up, and everything changed.

Are You Nervous?

When I was going through the registration with the receptionist the first thing that he asked me was whether or not I was a nervous patient. I have enrolled with  number dentists before and I have to say that this was the very first time that I had been asked whether or not I was scared or nervous. I replied with a screaming ‘yes!’ and they marked it down, and then instructed me which room to go into.  What I now realize is that they had a pro, a dentist who was a natural with nervous patients and I have to say, she has been the one who has helped me so much.

Cool and Calm

The first part of the appointment was pure conversation, she didn’t even look into my mouth. She sat me down and asked what it was that made me nervous, why I didn’t like the dentist, what my fears were and some more topics which explored my hatred for the dentist. The reason why she was asking all of these questions was so that she could get a clearer idea fo how best to treat me, and ever since that appointment I have always felt so much calmer during the appointments.


Thanks to my amazing dentist I now have a much clearer idea fo what it was that used to scare me so much and she has been excellent in this regard. As it turns out it was the unknown that I didn’t like and in order to combat this, my dentist is now brilliant in terms of communication. Each aspect of the appointment she will describe to me from the moment that the mirror goes into my mouth. I am still nervous about appointments and the palms do get a little sweaty, yet my dentist has very much found the way to keep me cool, calm and collected, and to set my mind at ease when it comes to that fateful appointment.

If you are a nervous patient then my advice would be to try and get a dentist who understands just what that is like.