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Reasons to Buy a Prefab ADU

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If you are looking for examples of a cool prefab ADU Los Angeles is the place to go, becasue here it is very much in style to create an accessory dwelling unit on your existing property. Whether you are looking to create a summerhouse or even an income earning rental property on your land, the prefab option really does carry with it so many benefits that it does make for the perfect option. You don’t have to buy a prefab model of course, but when we break down the benefits of doing so it will become much clearer just how good an option this could really be, let’s take a look.


So many property owners are seeking to live a greener, more eco-conscious lifestyle and this is a perfect option for those who are. Because of the fact that the structure is created under factory conditions it greatly reduces the need for transport and for on-site pollutants. Furthermore we can see that because of the fact that each aspect of the property is carefully designed and made, there is an enormous reduction on the amount of waste which is created in the production.

Lower Cost

Most people would laugh at you if you told them that you were going to be buying an ADU for less than $100,000 but that is exactly what you can count on when you decide to get a prefab version. Again the fact that this is a preset design, the fact that it requires less labour hours and because the parts are created inside a factory, all of this contributes greatly to the overall reduction in cost.

Sheer Speed

Once you have decided to get something like this done, most people just want to see the finished result. When you buy a prefab ADU there will be no waiting for days on end to get the site cleaned up and the build finished, in most cases the construction can be completed in a single day. You will of course have to be patient whilst the factory creates the parts of the ADU, but once that is done the structure will be up in no time at all.

Getting Everything Right

You will have a hand in every part of the design process and once that is completed the prefab will be made to those identical specifications. When this happens from scratch on site, there are always tweaks, mistakes, changes that are made which can set the project back. Buying prefab means that you will be delivered the exact ADU which you were helping to design and that will remove any need for complaints or frustrations.

More and more people are recognizing the clear range of benefits which are involved in choosing a prefabricated approach to creating an ADU. This is a speedy, cost saving and very eco-friendly approach which will ensure that you have a high quality ADU to use as you wish.