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CBD Oil Austin TX Business Man Talks About The Boom

When it comes to getting a supply of CBD oil Austin TX is where I go to get stocked up and my boy Lewis is always on hand to help me out. I have been using CBD oil for just over a year now and it has helped out greatly with my anxiety issues. I was chatting with Lewis just last week around the rise in popularity in CBD oil, something which he has actually witnessed first hand in the business, seeing sales triple in the last year alone. Here is what Lewis believes is behind this big rise in sales of this product in particular.


For many years people genuinely thought that this was a marijuana substitute, of course because of the fact that the two cannabinoids come from the same plant. Lewis thinks, and I agree, that over the last 2 years we have seen huge change in this and that more and more people are recognizing the fact that the two are indeed separate products, completely different from one another. As the taboo changed, sales rose.


Many felt that some of the claims around what CBD could do for you were overhyped and some even spurious. Despite this however we have seen time and time again just how helpful this product can be for so many people. A big breakthrough came when the FDA approved an epilepsy drug which was heavily CBD based, the first of its kind. Following this we saw so much supporting evidence around what CBD could do for those with insomnia, those who suffered from PTSD and anxiety and those who had issues with pain. Ass the evidence mounted up, more and more people looked to try the product which they had heard so much about.

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Ultimately much of the rise in sales of weed vape pen canada has come down to fashion and the fact that this product is being talked about everywhere. There are many more claims of what this product can do, and whilst many of those are yet to be proven, this unknown is very exciting. There is also the fact that CBD is continuing to prove many of the claims and the hope is that this continues. People have discussed how this product can help reduce acne, help to reduce later life diseases such as Alzheimer’s and even how it could help to reduce the risks associated with some cancers. Now we have to make it very clear that there is no overwhelming evidence to back up any of those claims just yet, but the early indications are that some could indeed be true.

Ultimately, even if this is only great for stress management, to aid anxiety and to help with pain, epilepsy and sleep problems, then that makes this a mighty fine product which so many around the world will be cutting on for many years to come. Let’s just hope that some of the other claims are also true.