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Cultivating an Abundance Mentality

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Seeking Abundant Opportunities with the Right Frame of Mind

The world may contain over 7 billion people, but it pays dividends to cultivate an abundance mentality for personal and professional gain.

Dr. Stephen Covey was the one to coin the term “abundance mentality” in 1989 in his widely acclaimed book “The Seven Principles of Highly Effective People.” According to Covey, an abundance mentality is “a paradigm that there is plenty out there and enough left over for everyone on the planet. It results in the sharing of recognition, prestige, and the profits of decision making. It opens possibilities, options, alternatives, and creativity.”

Such a mindset is imperative, especially in the 21st century, because of the challenges and opportunities an individual faces and will continue to require a different perspective. These challenges and opportunities need individuals to “step up” consistently in demonstrating more significant personal leadership in their personal and professional lives.

There may well be over 7 billion people on the planet, and there may also be a tendency for some people to think “there is not enough to go around,” but in reality, there is always plenty “to go around,” but only if an individual is willing to adopt an abundance mentality and see the many opportunities available to them. These same individuals also stand to gain positively both personally and professionally due to looking at circumstances and situations from a different perspective.

Developing an abundance mentality takes time, dedication, commitment, perseverance, and it is something that does not happen overnight. Developing and sustaining a long-term abundant mindset begins with an individual getting to know themselves, including their strengths and weaknesses. Through self-discovery, a more robust foundation can be laid upon which other building blocks can be built. A good RTT therapist who specialises in abundance blocks can help you with this.

Scarce Mentality vs. Abundance Mentality

In his book, Covey he talks about the importance of cultivating an abundance mentality, but says most people are scripted to operate their lives based on a “scarcity mentality.”

Covey argues that people who adopt a scarcity mentality think there is only “one pie,” and there will not be enough for everyone. Such people tend to lead unfulfilled lives because they believe there are not sufficient resources to go around.

People adopting a scarcity mentality may aspire to bigger and better goals, but they will rarely fulfil their true potential, dreams, goals, and ambitions because of their mindset. Such people will also tend to “play small” by setting small goals and aiming lower than they are capable of, feeling scared to push their personal and professional comfort zones.

Interestingly, people who adopt a scarcity mentality tend to suffer from lower self-esteem. Their perception of their self-worth is much lower than those who embrace an abundance mentality.

On the other hand, an abundance mentality enables the individual to “step up” and rise to challenges and seek opportunities to fulfil personal and professional goals. Such an individual will seek and attract people and experiences assisting in their quest to achieve greater success.

Benefits of an Abundant Mindset

There are many advantages to gain because of adopting an abundant mindset. Some of those endless benefits are highlighted below:

  • Seeking opportunities which lead to bigger and better goals
  • Adopting a win-win mentality to people, goals, and obstacles
  • More committed and willing to collaborate with others
  • Increase in self-esteem
  • Pushing personal and professional comfort zones further away
  • Confident in adopting a proactive and positive approach to challenges and obstacles
  • Greater fluidity in goals and processes
  • Genuinely being able to celebrate other people’s achievements
  • Greater inner fulfilment and contentment
  • Seeing potential opportunities where others may not because of being perseverance
  • Rising to challenges and demonstrating personal leadership
  • Endless possibilities for growth and development arise

How Easy is it to Cultivate an Abundance Mentality?

As with many things, cultivating an abundance mentality takes time and is not an overnight miraculous situation. It does require the individual to get to know him/herself at a deeper level and needs honesty and accountability. It requires effort and the determination to make the necessary changes that lead to personal and professional good.

Covey goes as far as saying that behind all the social layers that people wrap themselves up in lies the true authentic self who will willingly embrace an abundance mentality and a win/win approach. The authentic self may well be vulnerable and scared, yet it is this human facet which will lead to greater fulfilment.

Covey also states, to cultivate and sustain an abundance mindset, an individual will benefit by seeking role models and mentors. He suggests seeking people who regularly engage in a “win-win” approach to both their personal and professional lives. Additionally, Covey believes that there are plenty of people out there who would be more than willing to help others in achieving their ambitions and goals whilst fulfilling their own personal quests.