Office Workouts That’ll Tone Your Butt Even While You’re Sitting On It

As much as you may love your job, I think we can all agree that man was not made to sit in a chair (however ergonomic it may be) for twelve hours a day. But just because we’re workaholics doesn’t mean we don’t care just as much about staying sculpted (particularly in that region on which we are sitting) as those lucky few who have actually seen the inside of a gym this week.

So we’ve rounded up some of the best office workouts that will revolutionize the way you stay toned. Click through the slideshow above to find out how to ramp up your fitness routine while defying time and circumstances (but not HR).

If your boss ever does happen to catch you mid rep, remind him or her that squeezing in a little exercise actually improves concentration and makes you more productive.

Why do I have a feeling you’re reading this from the office? Get back to work(ing out)!

Striving for buns of steel? Start and end your day with these great butt exercises you can do in bed.

Nichola Hunt

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