Authentic Mexican Recipes The Kids Will Love

I will confess to chowing down pretty heartily on Taco Bell when I was pregnant with my daughter. To this day, I still dream of an overstuffed burrito whenever I pass the Tex-Mex fast food joint. And while I love blending avocado and red onion for guacamole, and quesadillas are an easy way to get my kids to eat fish, I can’t say that any of those options pass as authentic Mexican recipes.

With one brief look at Pinterest, it was easy to find tons of sites devoted to authentic Mexican cuisine. This weekend, as the leaves start to turn and you throw on a sweater for a day at the park, consider adding one of these hearty dishes to your culinary repertoire. From tacos stuffed with flounder to a creamy caramel flan, you really can’t go wrong with these recipe ideas. Olé!