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Audrey Gelman – The Problem With Working Remotely From Home

It has been long considered that eventually, offices would require their staff to come in less and less. The emergence of software, remote workforce management, and advanced technology with regards to the internet means that working remotely is no longer the problem which many thought that it was. In fact working in this way is easier for employees, and far cheaper for businesses. 

The big problem that exists with remote work however, is that working from home all week is simply not an option, indeed this is why Audrey Gelman created co-working spaces across the world. There is just too many dangers for employees who are always working from home, and here is why it is so critical that they get away from the house and work remotely elsewhere.

Home and Life Balance

Our home is, and very much should be, our sanctuary. This is where we go to relax and forget about the world outside. This is one of the biggest reasons why you simply cannot work from home all of the time. If you do so then this balance will get out of kilter and you will start to see your home as more of an office than a place to relax. In some cases it can actually be hard to stop working, because you are so close to your new ‘desk’. Working outside of the home ensures that your house remains the relaxing sanctuary which it should be.


On the one hand it can be very handy to be at home, so that you can get little jobs done when you happen to have some downtime. This however soon becomes something which is going to distract you and that will impact your work. We often see that productivity levels amongst those who work in their home, is much lower than those who decide to work in co-working spaces. You have to make sure then when you are working, this is all that you are focused on, unfortunately when you work from home, there are so many additional things to focus on and distract you.

The Appearance

Something which few count on is the attitudes of friends and family when it comes to you working from home. In fact so many people think that you working from home means that you are available, which of course is not the case at all. Even if you tell people that you are busy, they still see you as being home, which means that they could easily call and come around, not understanding quite what is happening.

Getting Sick

And finally many people just get so sick of working from their homes, and this is not good from a stress point of view. The reality is that a day or two a week at home is fine, but you shouldn’t work there any more time than that. If you can get out and about then you will be able to work better from home and avoid getting tired of your surroundings.