5 Time-Saving Tips For Using Social Media For Good

If you have found that social media is taking up too much of your day then it is time to take action. What we know about social media usage that we previously hadn’t is that it takes up an enormous amount of your mental bandwidth, it can cause damage from a mental health perspective and it also takes up huge amounts of our time. The reason why this happens is of course because that is exactly what these sites are designed to do, they are designed to keep us glued so that they can give exposure to ads and that is the big danger of finding that you are investing too much of your time into social media websites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


To help you save that time, here are some tips.

Manage Yourself

Both new Android and Apple phones give you the option to manage your screen time when it comes to certain apps and that is going to be a great way for you to limit your time on social media. Now of course you can always override this so it isn’t water tight, but that little reminder is often enough to break your attention and then get you back to what you were doing.

Delete Accounts

It may feel like a shocking move but deleting your accounts entirely would be a great plan if you really feel that this has become a problem. Some of us are so far into the social media world that we cant even imagine living without those accounts, if you do feel this way then deleting the accounts would certainly be the smartest option.

Cleaning Up Your Accounts

Very often the reason why we spend so much time on our social media pages is that we are hooked on around the clock news. It may be worth however, considering what the best parts of social media are, and then using that to doctor your list of followers. If you trim down the people who you follow then you can improve your experience and spend less time on social media.

Deleting the Apps

If deleting your account is too much for you then you could always look at deleting the apps from your phone instead. If you delete the apps then that will limit your social media time and restrict you to only using a desktop or something like that.


Reading a book can be the perfect tonic to social media time because it serves as a great reminder that there are more wholesome ways of spending your time. Now that book can be about whatever you like, be it fiction or non-fiction, pick a topic that you enjoy and then invest yourself in that. Each time you consider social media, pick up the book, this will be far more beneficial to you.

It is important that we take steps to minimize the amount of time that we spend n social media, and you will feel better as a result.

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