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5 Reasons to Spend a Summer in Canada

With Canadian summers marked by weekend festivals and lazy riverside days, Canada celebrates the summer season in a special way.

The following five reasons may convince you to spend the summer in Canada this year.

Attend An Event

Almost every town and city in Canada puts on some sort of summer festival or event worth checking out. 

Not just the fun party music events you may be thinking of either. There are plenty of summer business events going on throughout the city including virtual events. 

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The Food

Known worldwide for its cuisine, Canada boasts a rich cultural heritage. I think we can all agree that Tim Horton’s famous coffee and doughnut should be on your list. Don’t forget to load up the pancakes with maple syrup. 

A large part of Canadian culture revolves around food. You’ll want to sample the French influences in Montreal, the seafood in Vancouver, or even participate in one of the food festivals, then this is the place to go.

Look For Potential Investments

It has historically been cheaper to live in Canada than the U.S. Having been repeatedly voted as the most affordable city in North America, Ottawa, for example, offers a high quality of life at an affordable price.

There are many modern, multicultural cities in Canada, each with its own unique character. 

Although Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are probably the best known, Canada has a lot more to offer, including maritime culture, mountainous terrain, French history, or the Islanders of Canada. There are different reasons why each city is delightful.

The cities of Canada generally have a smaller population than their American counterparts, so they are easier to navigate. Most Canadians tend to be friendly to strangers, even in big cities, and crime is also relatively low. 

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Snap Some Pictures

For thrill-seekers looking to lose themselves in nature, Canada has tons of rivers, lakes, and famous waterfalls. Long-distance hiking is an excellent adventure activity for anyone with a sense of adventure. 

If thrill seeking isn’t your thing you could always get creative and arrange your own backdrop. Flower Girl Toronto has a range of backdrops you can rent to create that perfect pic. 

Even if you’re on a budget, there’s no need to worry. Canada’s major cities are so picturesque that you won’t have a problem finding the perfect Instagram shot. 

Check Out The Nature

UNESCO has designated 16 of its sites in Canada as World Heritage Sites, and there are plenty more places you can discover on your bucket list. It’s jam packed with adventure.

This World Heritage Site in Canada’s Rockies is located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Four of its parks are national parks and it consists of seven contiguous parks.

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