3 Easy To Make Corona Cocktails


Ok ladies, real talk…

We know a lot of you are stressed with the Covid-19 situation. For the sake of optimal health, we don’t recommend overdoing it with alcohol a this moment, but you still need to let you hair down and have a little fun.

Today we are going to share 4 cocktails recipes from the fantastic cookbook “Bosh!

We suggest ordering these foods and getting on Zoom for an online catch up with your friends. Feel free to send this to them too!

These all serve up to 4 highball glasses. Enjoy!

Watermelon Heaven

1 large mango

150g strawberries

1 lime

175g frozen watermelon chunks

40g green grapes

1 slice fresh pineapple

2 ice cubes

125ml spiced rum

Fresh watermelon slices to serve

Ginger Ninja

2 cm piece of fresh ginger

300g carrots

1 orange

150 ml water

2 tbsp maple syrup

150 ml vodka

Half a lime


Mango Hard

Half an apple

1 orange

Half a large banana

Half a mango

1 cup of ice cubes

150ml of spices rum

1 lime to serve

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