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How To Set Boundaries When You Work From Home For Optimal Productivity

work from home tips

Working from home sounds like living the ultimate dream, right? No one to answer to, working in your favourite joggers with your hair a hot mess, queen of your own castle?

Well, yes. And no. Ummm, kind of.

Allow us to elaborate. You can do all those things, but we don’t believe doing it all the time is wise or sustainable. We have your best interests at heart though!

If you’re considering the wonderful transition to working online, or if the evil Covid-19 monster has given you no choice, then you need to set boundaries in your life to be a productive career woman. Here goes…

Get Dressed!

It might sound a little obvious, or even on the cusp of condescending but we know from personal experience that taking time to look pretty takes time away from making money! Well at least that’s what we told ourselves.

In the honeymoon period you’ll want to stay in your dressing gown/whatever makes you feel comfy but when you do this your brain will be receiving messages that you are in relaxed mode. Which will make you slow and not sharp. Bad for business!

Get in that shower and get ready, even if you have no mean boss to tell you off.

Don’t Have an Open Door at all Times

One of my pet peeves when I started working online was that my friends and family thought that “working from home” translated as “always available.”

Many people who don’t work from home don’t really get it and can put on you last minute, raising your stress levels while they steal precious work hours from you.

Make sure that they know from day one that your work hours are your work hours and they must be respected.

Consider Not Working From Home

Say what? What we mean is take your laptop to a nice cafe at least twice a week. Remind yourself that the world is still spinning and interact with other human beings, or you will soon get lonely and weird without it.

Have a Morning Ritual

I like to not check my phone or emails until I have worked out for one hour and also have a hearty breakfast. It was admittedly hard at first, but sticking to this ritual kept me focused and business boomed once I added this daily habit.

You just need to find what yours is.

Have a Cut Off Time

If you are constantly working then you will grow to resent it. Choose a time when you can unwind and do non-worky things and enjoy your life. Dis-conn-ect.

Never Ever Work in Bed

You don’t want your brain associating bed with work as it is proven to make it harder for you to fall asleep when you need to. Leave your digital machines out of the bedroom, rest up and you’ll feel amazing the next day.

Ok so there are our boundaries, feel free to add them to yours for optimal success in business and a happy work/life balance.

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