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5 Hacks To Restore Your Faded Receipts

receipt 1274307 960 720

Almost all stores and non-business centers use to print their receipts. One of the key advantages of using thermal papers from companies like PosPaperRoll is that it is less expensive, time-consuming, and most importantly sharp and crisp. Unfortunately, the sharp and crisp advantages only last when it is first printed and most receipts fade off over time. This can lead to many helpless situations as these receipts are often needed later for claiming reimbursement, extending warranties, preventing any unnecessary charging, or even for audits. It is so important that the Internal Revenue Service even recommends businesses keep their receipts for at least three to seven years.

Keeping receipts from fading for that long is nearly impossible. Luckily, there are many ways for restoring faded receipt paper. Here are some of the useful hacks to help you restore your faded thermal printed receipts.

Keep a digital copy

Perhaps the easiest and most straightforward way to help you save your receipt information is by creating a digital copy of it. Scan the receipts you get and keep them with you. You don’t need professional scanning devices to do the job. There are plenty of apps available now that let you scan documents using your smartphone. You can also just take a photo using your smartphone camera and save it for future references.

Do a little Photoshop

Keeping a digital copy of your receipt is good for new ones. But, what will you do for the old ones that have already started to fade?! If you know how to Photoshop or use any other image editing software, then the answer is quite simple. With a few simple steps, you can easily, enhance the picture and restore the information faded. You can save the image and keep it for future use.

Use a blow dryer

Thermal printing works on the principles of heat. This means that most of the time the faded information printed on a thermal paper receipt can be restored by introducing it to a heat source. However, be careful not to use too much of it. One of the best ways to do it is by holding the receipt about an arm’s length away from a blow dryer. Use the lowest setting as well. The dry heat from the blower will make the information on the receipt reappear.

Iron it

Another way to apply heat on a faded receipt is by ironing it. Place the receipt upsidedown under enough cloth and run the iron over it. Make sure that you are not using too much heat, as it can burn or damage your receipt. The heat from the iron will restore the faded text. This technique is best for receipts with faded ink, but otherwise in good condition.

Use a laminator

Surely, laminating important documents can preserve them for the future. But for faded receipts, you just need to run them through the laminate pouch of the laminator. The heat from the device will easily make the faded ink reappear and make the image visible again. While using such heating tactics, it is best to use a dummy receipt and check if it is giving you the results that you desire.