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Answers For Your Burning Breast Ultrasound Questions

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Before you get online and start seeking out ‘breast ultrasound cost near me’ or what happens with a breast ultrasound?’ we suggest you read this piece which may very well answer all of those burning questions which you have. If you have been asked by your physician to have a breast ultrasound then that is because they want to have a deeper look at the breast to find any potential issues which there may be. Now this may be a little scary and your mind will likely be racing, but there is a good chance that this is simply a check which yields no results. Nonetheless, this is something which should be taken seriously and so here are some answer to some of the questions which you may have.

Why Aren’t I Getting a Mammogram Or An X-Ray?

It is common to assume that if there is an issue that a mammogram or an X-ray may be a better idea. The ultrasound however doesn’t use any ionizing radiation, this will only be done if something is found. It makes no sense to use radiation where it isn’t absolutely necessary. For women under the age of 30, an ultrasound may also be preferred because of the density of the breasts, which a mammogram struggles to get through.

What Are They Looking For?

During a breast ultrasound your doctor will be using sound waves to spot any irregularities such as lumps or anything else which seems out of place.

What Will It Feel Like?

You will be asked to strip down to the waist – be sure to use clothing which makes this easier, a dress for example may not be a good idea. Once you have stripped down, a warm gel will be applied to the breast, this is what will help the sound waves show. Other than this you will have a transducer over your breast, this is a small microphone-like device which collects the sound echoes. Other than this you will not feel anything more than the small machine passing over the gel.

How Long Will The Exam Take?

The breast ultrasound exam shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes from the moment that you walk in to the moment that you leave.

When Will I Find Out The Results?

What will happen after the examination is that the imaging from the exam will be reviewed by a physician who will then send the results to your own doctor. Once processed the doctor will then call you in for an appointment to discuss any findings that they have made. If there is nothing to report then you will perhaps still be called in just to let you know that there is nothing to worry about. The point to make here is that being called in for an appointment doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with you.

Any further questions which you may have, please don’t hesitate to write them in the comments section below, we’d be delighted to help.