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Zippershipper’s Option to Purchase Zippers by the Yard Solves Custom Needs of Tailors

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A zipper by the yard is different from those zippers that you often find in craft and fabric shops. Based on their name, you can easily tell that these are special types of zippers that are sold by the yard. A learning curve is required for proper use of zippers by the yard. However, you don’t really need to worry since they are quite flexible. And the best thing about zippers by the yard also suits all types of budget.

A very common concern of people every time they use a zipper by the yard is that they hesitate to cut the particular length that they need while some are afraid of putting the zipper pull. If you got the same concerns, make sure that you try learning how to use zippers by the yard. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert tailor or a DIY hobbyist because you can expect to enjoy the benefits of zippers by yard once you use them for any project you have in mind.

Before that, however, it would be best if you are familiar with the different parts of a zipper to make the process simpler and easier. Upon checking the zipper slider, notice that there is a rounded end that has two openings as well as a flat end that has a single opening.

There is also a wrong and right side to the zipper slider. The pull tab can be found on the right part or that portion that you hold when moving the slider up and down. The wrong side, on the other hand, has letters or numbers indicating the manufacturer or size of the zipper.

As for the zipper tape, one thing you will notice is the single inch fabric on both ends. This helps in putting on the pulls because it is easier to directly place the zipper on the fabric compared to directly putting it on the teeth. Again, you don’t need to worry since things are going to be easier with enough practice.

Now that you’ve got some idea when it comes to the components of zippers, it will be easier for you to add a zipper pull to a zipper by the yard. To do this, get the zipper tape with the right side facing upwards. One end should be separated to get the two sides of the zipper chain.

Grab the pull and the right side facing up. Insert the two sides of the zipper tape in rounded tip of the pull with two opening. Each of the pull’s side must have one side of the tape.

If you are a tailor who needs a zipper by the yard, you can now buy everything that you need at ZipperShipper. The different options available at ZipperShipper are guaranteed to cater to all the custom needs not only of tailors but also designers, DIY hobbyists, and more. Aside from zippers by the yard, you can also get other types of individual zippers and sewing supplies at ZipperShipper.