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Simple Tips To Support Your Mobility At Home

Struggling with mobility is one thing but failing to act on it is quite another. In fact those who do not take action to change things around them which will support with their mobility problems, are only destined to cause further damage, risk injury and to limit mobility even further in the future.

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Admittedly it is tough to accept that your body has changed, be it through age, disease or injury, yet this is something which you can actually improve once you have accepted it. Now there are of course many gadgets and physical changes you could make to the home. Stairlifts, walk-in bathtubs and handrails for example, are all recommended by companies like Age UK Mobility, to improve your life at home. Beyond this however, these companies will also offer helpful tips on exercises which you can be doing each and every day, that will add to your range of flexibility and motion, let’s take a look at some examples.

Top Tips

Before we get into exactly what the exercises are, we first need to cover a couple of top tips. Firstly it will be important that you are working on maintaining a healthy weight, this will ensure that your body only carries what it needs to and doesn’t put undue pressure on. Secondly with regards to the exercises, be sure to only push as far as you can, any progress is enough and you must avoid overdoing it.


If you were nervous at the thought of doing exercises then don’t be, what we are referring to here are stretches to help keep you strong, supple and mobile.

  • Quadricep Stretch 

The quad stretch will really help to loosen up the huge muscle on your thigh. Activities like biking and hiking are great for these muscles. If stretching at home then grab onto a counter top or sofa edge with one hand, and then grab your foot from behind with the other and pull the foot into your butt, hold for 5 seconds and then release, before doing the same on the other foot.

  • Hamstring Stretch

These are the long muscles running down the back of your thigh and behind your knee. To stretch this muscle, place your heel on a chair, with your leg as straight as possible. Lean forward as much as you can and try to hold for 30 seconds. If you can’t do this then just try a little each day, you will improve.

  • Ankle Flexion

Weak ankles can inhibit your ability to walk strongly, so a good ankle stretch each day will be necessary. This simple exercise requires you to sit on a chair, place your heel on the ground, with your foot pointed upwards, and hold for 30 seconds before changing feet. A simple exercise which will have a big difference.

  • Back Rotation

Another simple exercise which will keep your core and your back strong and mobile is this rotation movement for your lower back. Sit upright on a chair and twist your body to the left as your shoulders go right, and then do the same in reverse. You will feel this pull at the lower back, and as long as it doesn’t hurt you, this is doing you a great deal of good.

Give these exercises a try for maximum mobility.