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Lip Augmentation Chicago Style, Tips on Your Aftercare

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When it comes to lip augmentation Chicago has an abundance of options as to where you can get it done, and we have been trying some of the best over the last year to give you a good idea as to where to go, which we will get into at the end of the year. One thing is fro sure however and that is the fact that so many clients who come in for lip augmentation or fillers, fail to properly care for their lips following the treatment, and they end up not being as satisfied with the results as they should be.

If you want to go for lip fillers then here are some top tips on aftercare that will ensure best results.


After the procedure your lips will be swollen and you can expect redness and bruising, don’t panic as this is totally normal. The large majority of side effects are very minor and will be gone in a few days.

Icing It Up

A great option in the days after your procedure has been completed is to keep your lips nice and cool with an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas. Make sure that you don’t use any material that may stick to the  lip, wrapping ice or veg in a cloth would be a good idea. This will help bruising, pain and swelling.

Keep The Pressure Down

Elevated blood pressure is something that we do not want here as it will make the bruising and the swelling worse. With this in mind you should avoid any kind of activity which gets the blood pumping for at least 48 hours. There is nothing wrong with being on your feet, but you should look to avoid anything overly strenuous.

Eating and Drinking

In terms of eating and drinking the first thing to say is to be careful with your lips, drink through a straw if it is more comfortable and avoid spicy foods. The best thing to drink is plain water as it will essential that you stay hydrated. In terms of eating, it is best to keep a low sodium diet as this could worsen the swelling, make sure that you eat fruits and veg which are able to ensure that you remain hydrated.

Extra Tips

Some final tips to remember here include the avoidance of steam rooms and saunas whilst you are healing. You should also endeavor to avoid using make-up on your lips for at least 48 hours afterwards. Finally you should look to try and sleep on pillows which are elevated as this is going to be very helpful with regards to the swelling. You have to ensure that you avoid sleeping on your face too, to make sure that your lips are properly being cared for.

Follow these tips to help you get over the pain and swelling easier, and to give you fuller lips for a longer period of time.