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Selin Sakarcan – Reasons To Learn Another Language

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Learning a new language was by far and away one of the best things that I have ever done and I am currently in the process of learning a 3rd. With the help of the brilliant Selin Sakarcan I am currently learning how to speak Farsi, and it ain’t easy!

There are many reasons why learning a new language is such a great hobby and it is also something which is going to help you greatly in your life. If this is something which you have been thinking about then here is exactly why you should bite the bullet and go learn that second language.

Brain Health

When you learn a new language your brain makes more new connections tan when you are learning any other type of subject. This means that you are essentially going your brain an awesome workout, each and every time that you learn a new word or phrase in another language. There are indications that this not only helps with mental sharpness, but that it could also help to preserve the ability of your brain in later life.

Unlocking a Culture

English speakers have had it good for a long time yet whilst we can certainly travel around the world and meet people who speak our language, we are not able to completely understand their culture. This is the critical point here and language is very much the essence of a culture. Once you are able to converse with someone in their mother tongue, you are well on your way to better understanding who they are and what they are all about. Ultimately learning a language is like being given a key to a new culture.

Career Opportunities

Learning a language is not just about increasing your knowledge for personal reasons, there are some clear career opportunities which come along with learning a language. For example you may find that you could travel with the job that you re currently doing, or you may be able to use your language to do something completely different that what you are doing now. In some cases people are able to learn a language and that takes them around the world, increasing their opportunities to make money and enjoy a better lifestyle.


One of the most compelling reasons why I want to learn another language is that I love that thrill which you get when you make a true connection with someone. Imagine two humans, who cannot speak the same language, they literally have to use rudimentary objects to try and communicate, and even then it will be at a very basic level. And then you have one which is able to speak the other’s language, this moment, this communication which wouldn’t have been possible in the past, this is what dazzles me and this is why I love to try and learn more and more languages.

If you have been thinking about picking up a second language, my advice would be to go right ahead and do it.