Laundry Solutions for Small Spaces


If you are struggling for space in your laundry room then the sink could very well be the object which is causing the issue. Once upon a time, the sink was the main component of this room, where all clothes would be washed. Washing machines, of course, changed that and for many, the sink in this room became more of an inconvenience. There are still merits which laundry sinks offer, of course, the ideal place to wash down a muddy dog or pair of wellies or space to give clothes some stain removal treatment ahead of putting them in the machine.

If however, you find that you don’t use the sink which you have, other than for storing items, then addressing this could certainly help you to free up more space in what is an already tight-fitting room.

Types of Sink

When it comes to changing your laundry sink there is a lot to consider with regards to the material which you use and the way in which it is fitted. The key consideration to make here is how much you use the sink, and what you use it for.  If you are someone who does use the sink a lot but you still want to free up space, then you can look for a laundry trough which gives you the depth of space rather than the width which can free up some vital centimetres. If however you don’t require a large sink and you rarely use it, then a small bowl sink which drops into the counter is really all that you need.

Which Materials To Buy

The material of the sink which you choose is also going to depend on your usage, and also the size that you eventually settle on. If you are someone who likes to give clothes a pre-wash in the sink, or who regularly needs to spray down shoes or dirty items, then you will need a quality sink which is robust enough to take all of this on. An enamel sink, in this case, would not be a smart idea as the surface could chip, in this case, polypropylene or a stainless steel sink would be best. Those who don’t use the sink a lot may find an enamel sink to be the perfect option, small, easy to maintain and looks great in a small space.

The Fitting of The Sink

Ultimately if you are looking to manage the current space which you have in the laundry room, then the way in which the laundry sink fits will be all-important. Here you have choices between drop-in, freestanding, wall-mounted and cabinet-mounted sinks. The best solution when it comes to space-saving is a wall-mounted sink. These ‘floating’ sinks occupy no extra space beyond their own parts, and they offer excellent storage options above and below, where you could add small cabinets or shelves. With this being said, if you don’t heavily use the sink then a drop-in option may be best here, as it will seamlessly fit into your countertops and that will ensure that you have plenty of storage space too.

There is certainly a great deal of scope for you here with regards to creating additional space through changing your sink.