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Hot Trends We Expect to See in the Beauty Industry 2022

During the last 2 years, many women took a step back from the beauty world. After all, what’s the point of getting your hair done when you’re stuck at home? But now that life is returning back to “normal”, it’s more common to be out and about. You’re ready to step back into the world of fashion and style.

Still, you might feel a little out of touch with the latest trends. Ladies, don’t worry—that’s what we’re here for. We’ve listed a few trends that we expect will take over the beauty scene in 2022:

Natural Beauty

During the lockdowns, your makeup collection might have gathered some dust. When it’s time to go out again, you might be reluctant to reach for the same products you used to adore. Many women experienced the dreaded maskne (or mask acne), and don’t want to stifle their skin.

We expect the au naturale look to stick around in 2022. To feel confident in your bare skin, you might be interested in trying out a few facial or hair removal treatments.

The owner of writes, “A lot of our clients have unwanted hair on their faces, arms, or stomachs. There’s nothing unusual about it! Body sugaring is a natural and effective way to make your skin smooth and hairless.”

Wireless Bras & Bralettes

One of the best things about staying at home? Not having to wear a bra!

As you re-enter the world, you might dread having to wear a wired bra all day long. And you aren’t alone. We anticipate that many women won’t settle for daily discomfort anymore. Instead, they’re opting for cozier alternatives: wireless bras.

These bras still give the support, coverage, and shaping that you desire, without the restrictive feeling of an underwire. For something a little more stylish, pick up a lacy bralette! If you’re looking to buy bras online in Canada or the USA, consider these comfort-focused options.

Shaggy & Textured Hair

Lately, it’s all about the lived-in look; blonde hair with roots, bangs with jagged edges, and haircuts with lots of layers. The result is a carefree, casual style that looks like you just rolled out of bed (but in a trendy way). Stars are embracing these low-maintenance looks; if you glance at any magazine cover, you’ll see celebrities rocking these minimal effort hairdos.

It’s time to embrace your natural hair and let its texture take the spotlight. The next time you’re at the hair salon to chop off those dead ends, ask your stylist to add shaggy layers and wispy bangs.

Sustainable Products

These days, consumers are more eco-conscious than ever. We’re not just asking brands what products they offer—we’re asking what they’re doing to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

As a result, we’re seeing more brands offering refill programs. This allows consumers to take the packages back to the store and get a top-up on their favorite products. Better yet, most brands offer discounts when you reuse the same bottle.

Before you try a new haircare line or makeup product, find out which brands offer refill programs. It saves you money and saves the environment.

A new year gives you the chance to shake up your routine. We hope you’ve found a few ways to freshen up your style 2022. Bring in the new year with these beauty industry trends!