woman in brown jacket sitting beside man in blue and white checkered dress shirt

How To Not Kill Your Partner During Lockdown

If you have been spending this lockdown with your partner then you first of all you should count yourself very lucky that you have not been on your own. There may very well be some occasions where you actually wish that you had been on your own. The desire to do hurt to your partner coming up is perfectly natural because it simply isn’t healthy to spend this much time with just one person. In order to survive with your relationship, and your limbs in tact, here are some tips on how to manage lockdown.

woman in brown jacket sitting beside man in blue and white checkered dress shirt

Ensure You Get Personal Space

It is going to be absolutely essential that you both recognize the need and the great importance of getting your personal space. What you cannot do in this situation is to assume that the other person doesn’t want to spend time with you, it is absolutely necessary that you get your own time to enjoy without the other person, a failure to do so will actually cause more problems in the long run. Even if you have a small house, take a book into the bathroom for an hour and get that solo time.

Spending Quality Time Together

Something which is also going to be critical to the relationship is that you are both able to spend quality time together. This means having a date night once a week where you both get dressed up, splash on some pheromones from TruePheromones.com or similar to ignite that spark, and cook something nice. We can often forget about doing stuff like this because we feel that we are always together, but being together physically and actually spending quality time together, they are two very different things.


Because of the cabin fever that you are no doubt feeling, every little thing can be frustrating and it can soon become pretty easy to start a discussion with your partner over the most innocuous of things. To help you best avoid that, a smart move would be to really organize things in the house with regards to who will do what task. If you are able to plan who will do the cooking, at what time you will be eating and who will do washing up or the laundry, then at least each person is fully aware of what they have to do and you will avoid getting in each other’s way.

Being Emotionally Aware

There will certainly be some days when they feel better than you or when you re more stressed than they are and it is going to be important that you learn to recognize this. You should know your partner well enough to see that they are stressed or that they don’t want to talk, and give them some space and allow them to feel that way. You will also have days like this and you will expect the same thing with regards to how they are with you.

The key is patience, understanding  and making sure that you have personal space.

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