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Buying a Real Estate Property in Spain

Sometimes buying a property in Spain can be a very daunting process. However, if you´re dreaming about living on the Costa Blanca in a villa under the hot Spanish sun, your dreams could come true!

The most popular Spanish coast for international property buyers is the Costa Blanca, and has been so since the 1960s when tourists first arrived at Benidorm. It covers about 200 kilometers, with the landscape, villages, coast, and resorts varying along its length, with each side having its own fans.

The Northern part of Costa Blanca is perfect for golf lovers. It has 10 golf courses located between Alicante and Jávea. Most golf courses are located close to the coast to allow players enjoy the lovely ocean views and sea breeze that is very welcoming.

When you are buying a property in Costa Blanca you need to have your own personal checklist and preferences. Even for a property you intend to rent out, you still need to have your own preferred characteristics and location — probably for the times when you may need the house as a home for vacation.

Buying a property in Spain

Before you buy any property, you need to find a property that matches your needs. You need to first of all be clear about the type of property you are expecting to find. This can vary from historic properties in local towns to apartments with sea views, to super luxurious projects or modern new buildings, to rural fincas.

Drawing up a list of expectations for your future home is going to save you plenty of time when you begin your search for a property, and it will make the process much easier.

Once that has been accomplished, you can now begin your search for a property that will match your requirement list. You can do this via popular website portals such as:

– Kyero

– Idealista

– Milanuncios

– Fotocasa

These portals can be very helpful to help you get a general idea of available properties and their prices. However, when you are doing the real search, portals are not recommend because you will most likely run into different data such as seeing the same property having different prices, photos, and info, because it was posted by different agents.

You may also find a property that have been sold already but have not been updated on the site; also you may not get complete information about that property.

For these reasons, finding a good local agent (like this one) is recommended to assist you from the beginning until you find a property that meets your needs.

Having a professional and trustworthy real estate agent is very important as this will be very useful in the entire process — starting from scoping the neighborhood and location, to finding the best properties that suit your lifestyle and budget. The best real estate agents in Costa Blanca will give you helpful advice when reselling your property in the future. They will also show you the necessary steps required to make your property more appealing to buyers when the time is right.