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Let’s Get Green…

photo 1499883614574 22631ce07525

We’re all trying to be more eco aware and implement green ways of living into our lives, but it appears we all have a lot to learn. Whilst Norway is the greenest country offering the most environmental initiatives, the UK is fourth on the list!

This makes us think – what can we be doing better? Whilst Brits generally believe they are somewhat eco aware and the UK ranks fourth, there a numerous changes we all should be making to our daily lives. This article will take a look at some ways we can look to offset our carbon and help the environment.

Paying to Offset Our Carbon

One option is to add a tax that will be put towards offsetting your carbon footprint. This tax could be paid monthly or annually. The biggest concern with this seems to be how much people are willing to pay, with the nation opting for a £1-£5 preference.

Whilst this is a nice idea, it is not obvious where the money will go and how it could be used to offset carbon emissions.

Tree Planting

We all know of businesses such as Andrex and ecosia that plant trees as an initiative, showing that they are doing their bit for the environment. Obviously, this is a fantastic step against climate change but when circulated across a nation we must ask ourselves, how doable is this?

Hydroelectric Power

Whilst this is a popular renewable energy source in Norway, it is lesser known in the UK, although it does exist. Hydroelectric power is simply the production of power through movement of flowing water.

Interestingly, this power source has a long history in the UK since 1878 and now accounts for 18% of our renewable energy, compared to approximately 98% of Norway’s renewable energy – meaning we have got a way to go.

Although many initiatives may sound futuristic and foreign to us, soon they will be common phrases as the UK heads in the green direction.