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6 New Hobbies To Try in 2021

Looking for some new and exciting hobbies in 2021? Below is a list of 6 hobbies you should try.

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While most of us cook on a nightly basis, we often view it as a chorchoreather than a hobby. But that doesn’t mean cooking can’t be fun and exciting. 

If you can spare some time out of your daily routine routine, it’s a great opportunity to learn new skills and explore new foods. 

It’s now easier than ever to learn new ways of cooking with 1000’s of online recipes and unlimited Youtube videos. 

  • Photography

You don’t need a fancy DSLR camera these days to take amazing pictures. Most people’s smart phones are going to be able to do the job they need. 

You can find plenty of tips and tricks for your phone camera online that will help you take amazing photos.

It’s such an interesting hobby that allows you to explore your style of photography, whether that be with an analog camera, film camera or digital camera. Check out this analog camera company here.

If you’re passionate about photography, online courses and free resources are great places to improve your photography skills. 

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  • Hiking

Hiking is a great fun way to stay fit and see the outdoors. One of the best things about hiking is the community of people that enjoy it. 

You’ll also get to explore new and exciting places and take in the beauty of nature. Studies have shown that getting connected with nature can improve your mood. 

  • Surfing

People surf as a hobby and lifestyle. It’s a fun activity and great exercise exercise, but it does take dedicated time to learn. Some people go a life time without ever mastering the art of surfing. 

It requires good reflexes and balance, as well as a mastery of swimming and an in-depth knowledge of the waves.

Thankfully there are very good teachers out there that are willing to help newbies. There is bound to be a local surf school in your area. 

Check out if you live in Los Angeles for some lessons or surfing camps. 

  • Crypto

Crypto currency has taken the world by storm, especially in the last few years. With that said it’s still early and a great time to learn about the crypto markets. 

You don’t need a bunch of money to get started and thankfully there are plenty of videos to help you learn some key strategies. 

The most important thing is to understand the basic principles of investing. Remember to always risk manage as every investment comes with some risk.  

  • Meditating

A new year is the best time to develop this new hobby, especially if you’re tired from work everyday at home.

Meditation offers the time needed to disconnect from the outside world and to connect with yourself.

The exercises help you manage your mind and body so that you feel relaxed.

If you want to learn more about meditation and mindfulness you should consider some meditation apps and find some mindfulness/relaxation apps, and ensure you follow them every day.