5 Tips for Staying Motivated to Exercise

1.  Sign up for a race!  It always helps me to have an event to train for and I would hate to waste money on a race that I am not prepared to run. Use this Race Finder to locate a race in your area.

2.  Find a buddy.  Exercising with friends is so much more fun and they hold you accountable to get up and out the door for your workout. Having a hard time finding someone? Use Exercise Friends to meet others with similar health and fitness interests.

3.  Use social media to log your workouts.  This is another great way to hold yourself accountable.  DailyMile and other social online tools are a great motivator to keep track of your workout and share with others.  It is also quite motivating for me to read about other people’s workouts on these social networks!

4.  Buy some new workout clothes or shoes.  Having clothes that feel good, things that are functional and look good always help me to stay motivated. (We love the modern and fashion forward styles at Splits 59!)

5.  Find a mantra that helps you to workout.  My favorite one is, “You never regret a workout” and that helps me to remember why I exercise.

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