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5 Lucrative Jobs that Allow You to Travel

Who hasn’t thought of how their life would be and what they would do if they were rich. Unfortunately, not every job offers lucrative salaries. However, there are some which do pay well as long as you work hard and you make a name for yourself.

In the list that follows, you’ll find 5 high-paying jobs that enable you to travel a lot.

1. Voice Actor

If you are an actor who has taken up voice lessons and you enjoy using your voice as the main tool to express emotion, it seems natural that you will work as a voice actor. A voice actor is recorded while artfully reading a commercial or creative script or text. Voice actors are required in the production of films, videos, advertisements, audiobooks and so on. Being listed in a voice-over agency, like, makes finding a job easier, as casting directors from all over the world get to hear your voice and offer you a job.

2. Model

Being a model means that you need to travel a lot in order to get more varied work experience but also to have a chance to work with big names in the industry. Models should live in big cities as there are more fashion-related opportunities there, and they should enjoy visiting cosmopolitan cities in Europe and in the world often and especially when fashion weeks are held.

3. Journalist

A journalist researches stories and composes articles or scripts to present the particular story to printed media or broadcast channels. Depending on the issue they cover, they might need to visit a city far from their hometown or even go abroad in order to find the sources and the evidence they need. The plethora of news and entertainment outlets gives the opportunity for many journalists to secure a position in a company and succeed by investigating fascinating and important topics in their journalistic niche.

4. Interpreters

An interpreter translates what one person says to another language so that their listeners understand what this person says even if they don’t speak the same language. Interpreters sometimes need to travel to different parts of the world depending on their client’s needs. They might be asked to attend and interpret a conference held in another country. Researching the topic of the conference and going there for as long as the conference lasts are parts of the job.

5. Travel Blogger

A job that you get to not only travel but also share the travelling experience with the world is travel blogging. A travel blogger documents all parts of a trip, from getting there to visiting historical and cool places to tasting food and leaving, and then composes an article or make a travel video, which is published to media outlets so that people can get access to it. The key to becoming a successful travel blogger is having an unique voice and being original in your travels so that people are interested to learn all about YOUR travelling adventures.