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Why Fireplace Screens Should Be Just As Stylish As They Are Functional

fireplace 558985 960 720

If you are in the market for a new fireplace screen then there is a consideration which you ought to make which perhaps you may not have thought about, and that is style. There are many who sell fireplace screens near me and I often like to pop my head in the door and see what kind of stuff they are selling. I have always bought a fireplace screen to be fit for purpose and I have always focused on making sure that whichever screen I pick, is one which is going to be the best for the soot and ash which is pumped out of my fireplace.

What I am beginning to notice more and more however is that there is a big focus on the sale of this kind of installation in the living room and when you think about it, the reality is that this makes a great deal of sense, and here is why.

Attention Grabbing

There are some items in the home which just grab your attention and the fireplace screen is one of them. This is a large item and that is one of the key reasons why you have to think about this from a style perspective. If the design and the color of the metal which is used on the fireplace screen is miles away from the stye and the theme of the rest of the room then you are going to notice this big time when you walk into the room. Owing to the size of the piece, it is essential that you ensure it is as stylish as it is functional.

Unleash The Fire

The challenge of the fireplace screen is that you want it to block everything that is coming out of the fire yet you still wish to be able to enjoy the fire. In the past we would opt for mesh screens yet in the modern age there are some absolutely tremendous designs which are being made in wrought iron which are able to achieve this yet to make the fire look absolutely incredible. Through the use of stylish and smartly placed holes, this is a great option for anyone who is looking to really breathe some life into their hearth and to showcase what they have, without giving anything away from a functionality point of view.


Another key consideration here is that fires are once again incredibly popular and that is why so many will cast their eye on yours as soon as they walk into the room. What better way to wow those guests than to have a beautiful and stylish screen, tailor made for your needs and for your living room. This is the perfect way in which you can set the theme off in the room where you have your fire and it is the perfect way to add some real style to the property.

Be sure to get creative when you are buying your fireplace screen.