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Why Do We Keep Changing Our Minds About Our Bedroom Designs?

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How many times have you changed your bedroom’s design? You have a different bedroom when you were little. Sure, that’s your parents’ choice. When you became a teenager, you asked them to let you take over the design. So, you posted photos of your idols on the walls, as well as “inspirational quotes” that helped you get through your first heartbreak. By the time you moved away for college, you decided to repaint the walls with a subtle shade of pastel color. After all, you are an adult now. You have to stop pretending that you’re going to marry your favorite rock star and start looking for Affordable Blinds & Shutters.

And then, you’re off to college where your dorm looks a cross between the school cafeteria and the library. You never had the time to redecorate it because you’re sharing it with someone else. Plus, your schoolwork is consuming you that you didn’t even care your walls are covered with piles of books and journals.

Now that you’re living on your own, you finally realized you’ve been in-between bedroom designs because you don’t know exactly what you want. In the past couple of years, you’ve gone from painting the walls a deep shade of aqua because it makes you sleep faster and the lightest shade of dove gray because it’s easy in the eyes. This, of course, puts a strain on your pockets.

Thankfully, now that you’re an adult, you realized the importance of using temporary paints and materials for hanging. Why should you have to ruin your walls by drilling a framed picture into it when there are useful glue dots to hold the frames for you? Or, why should you repaint your walls with a permanent color when there are plenty of options for a temporary one—drapes, fabric, wallpaper, etc.?

So why do you always want to change your bedroom design? How does your current status in life affect your choices? When will it stop?

Psychology of Colors

You choose the colors for your walls depending on where you are in your life now. When you were in college, you barely notice what color your dorm’s wall was because you were so busy with life. When you were single, working, and spending more time at home binge-watching Netflix, you want to create a spa-like experience. You turned the walls into a darker shade because it enables you to sleep better.

A Different Phase

And then here comes a baby. You want to cleanse your palette. Neutral shades work best for nurseries and playrooms, so that’s what you did with your own bedroom. Why? Because you are in a different place in your life now. You do not need to darken your walls because you are dead-tired from having to take care of the house and the baby. In fact, you need a cleaner-looking bedroom design because that’s better for the baby.

You started decluttering, throwing and giving away things that you haven’t used in the past year. These things will only accumulate dirt and dust, which isn’t great for your kid. You are also now into more functional furniture pieces. Do you really need an ottoman for aesthetics? Or, do you need a rocker where you can sit while you put your baby to sleep?

Over time, these things will change again. You will begin looking at cooler palettes because you can now better focus on the aesthetics of your bedroom more than its function. You will also want to impress your guests with your interior design rather than your ability to organize a party when you have a playpen in the middle of the living room. People’s preferences change as their lives move to new chapters.

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