UK Hot Spots for Wellbeing and Relaxation

UK Hot Spots for Wellbeing and Relaxation

Every now and then, it’s a good idea to take a break from the pressures of home and work, and to do a bit of travelling. This needn’t, however, mean travelling abroad: the UK is home to a wealth of secluded little spots, many of which might provide the required tranquillity, without the cost and stress of an airport.


Few sounds in nature are quite as calming as that of surf lapping against a hidden shore. Devon is home to dozens of secluded little coves and beaches. Travel to one of them at the right time of day or year, and you might even be able to spot some incredible marine life, too. 

Of course, Devon is also home to a sprawling national park, in the form of Dartmoor. There’s a hike here for everyone, with a highlight being the magnificent Two Castles Trail.


There are dozens of wellbeing-enhancing attractions in Brighton. There’s excellent nightlife and a bustling seafront for those in search of excitement. If you’re after relaxation, on the other hand, you might check on the Beach Box Spa and Sauna, which is a Finnish-style facility built out of a horse trailer, on the seafront.

One of the best things about Brighton is its accessibility; you can get a train to Brighton from Streatham Common in South London and be there in next to no time.


Home to hundreds of miles of rugged coastline, it’s difficult to beat Cornwall when it comes to escapism. There are marvellous ports and picturesque little villages, all subsumed with a unique culture and gastronomy. One of the best things to do here is a dip in an outdoor sea pool, whose temperature is just a tad warmer than what you might find further north.

While you’re in Cornwall, you might also pay a visit to the famous Eden Project, which is home, among other things, a dome-enclosed rainforest biome.


This little corner of the Welsh countryside is packed with walking opportunities, and it’s amazing for wildlife-spotting, too. Go for a wander along the cliffs, and you might be treated to dolphins, seals or puffins. 

Tenby is a hub for seaside vacationers, and has a distinct historical aesthetic that you probably won’t find elsewhere. If you’d prefer something a little more isolated, on the other hand, then you might journey to Ramsey Island, with its flourishing population of birds.