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Top Tips To Make Your Moving Day Run Smoothly

If you are planning a house move at Winter Park apartments then the key to it running smoothly is all in the preparation. If you are well prepared for this event and you have invested some time in the weeks running up to it, then you are going to have far less stress on your hands than if you go about this ad-hoc.

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Moving day is an effort, but there are steps you can take to reduce the stress levels involved. Let’s take a look then at  some tips to employ which will hopefully ensure smooth sailing.


Get your transport sorted well in advance, this is the absolute heartbeat of the operation and if you don’t have this lined up then it could all go wrong very quickly. If you are planning a big move then speak with a removal firm at least a month before so that you can plan. Planning with the experts will put paid to worries whether they have delivered your possessions to your new location, accurately and on time. If you are doing the move yourself then be sure to get a van rental sorted. A top tip here if you are renting a van, try temporary van insurance to avoid paying the high costs which the rental place will charge you. Moving bulky stuff runs the risk of problems, so be sure that you have maximum cover.

Calling In The Troops

Many hands make for light work so don’t hesitate to ask friends and family for help. The big things to remember here is that you give them enough notice so that they can free up their schedule, that you have specific jobs for them when they arrive, and that you make sure that they are looked after and thanked.

Sticky Colors

It doesn’t take long before boxes get mixed up and that is going to be a real pain when you get to the other end, it will also put a dent in your organization. To avoid this all you need are some sticky dots, select a color for each room of the house and stick them on the boxes. This way, when arriving at the new place, each box can be placed in its corresponding room.

Speak To The Utility Companies

The last thing you want after a tough moving day is to be at the new place without water, lights or gas. In amongst all of the chaos of moving day planning, these are calls which you have to make. Call up a week or so before you arrive, to let them know when to switch everything on, just in time for your moving day.

Child Free

If you have kids then one of the best things that you can do on moving day is have someone look after them. This is going to be a stressful enough experience without your children trying to help and getting in the way, or asking a load of questions which you don’t have time to answer. Ship them off to grandmas in the morning, and have them dropped off at the new place on the evening, just to help lower those stress levels.