To Build, or To Buy? Is DIY the Smarter Choice?

A backyard shed can serve many purposes from securing power tools, to a storage container or even converting into your man cave with the right alterations made! It can even be utilised as a covered carport for your vehicle if so desired.

But what goes into the design and build of a backyard shed? It may sound simple, but there are a few factors you may want to consider. These will ultimately aid in deciding whether you decide to build your own shed, or look for sheds for sale and buy your garden shed.

Advantages of DYI Shed Building

Building your own garden shed can be a very interesting project. You will certainly feel rewarded once it is complete and it will also save on labour costs that would have been spent on a professional.

As this is your own project, you can also have much more control over your design ideas and the development of new skills and experimenting will be a part of the construction.

Disadvantages of DYI Shed Building

Building a custom shed requires an array of knowledge in different areas, such as engineering, architecture and carpentry. Firstly, you will have to purchase or rent all the tools to do your project. Keeping in mind that you will have to make sure your shed is weatherproof, stable and secure in order to avoid any accidents or damages to your belongings inside.

Ultimately, if anything goes wrong, there is also no customer warranty. You will be risking having a poor final end product which will most likely require extra efforts and time to fix. In some cases a professional may even have to be employed to fix the mistakes.

Advantages of Buying a Shed

Purchasing a pre-built or hiring a reliable shed builder to create your custom shed will save you a lot of time and effort in the build.

They will bring their own tools and usually have enough experience to ensure that you will have a safe and professional quality shed with a warranty. Plus, you will know exactly what your shed is supposed to look like beforehand.

Disadvantages of Buying Shed

Certainly, it is more expensive to hire someone else for a job than doing it on your own. Skilled labour is not cheap, and you will have to be dealing with workers at your property every day until the garden shed is finished.


If you have the spare time, tools and want to embrace the adventure of learning a new skill, then building your own custom shed will definitely be a good experience for you. Always remember to follow safety procedures and plan ahead of doing your work. The internet is filled with useful websites and videos regarding all sorts of knowledge, including shed building. You can ask people on forums for help and also document your project to inspire others!

Buying a pre-built or custom shed from a reputable builder will save you a lot of time and will assure that it will look good and be covered by warranty. Always do projects like these under a contract and check for specific building regulations in your area.