Beyoncé Shows Off Her Easy Short Hairstyle & Inspires Moms To Chop It All Off!

Beyoncé set the internet on fire last night when she debuted pictures of her new pixie ‘do on Instagram. Mrs. Carter cut her famous locks (those same locks that got caught in a fan, which might be why she chopped off her hair?) in favor of an easy short hairstyle.

Blue Ivy’s mama isn’t the first celebrity mom to eschew high-maintenance hair for a short style. Halle Berry is known for her tousled crop, and Michelle Williams has famously said that she keeps her hair short in memory of someone who loved her ‘do (the father of her child, the late Heath Ledger).

I personally love short hair. I cut my hair off for the first time in college (inspired by Charlize Theron’s short hair at the time), and my roommates thought I was crazy to even consider it. I grew out my hair for my wedding, but after my first child was born, chopped it off again. I don’t think I’ll ever go back–the low-maintenance style is perfect for my hectic lifestyle.

To Beyoncé we say, “Welcome to the club! Enjoy the free hour that short hair affords you every day.”