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Moving Your Family To Arizona: Know Before You Go

Living in Arizona

In terms of population, Arizona is the 6th largest state in the US. More than a third of Arizona residents speak languages other than English. 

Most Arizonans regularly visit its neighbors near the Four Corners, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. Because of their proximity, many Arizona residents visit these states when they live in Arizona.

Arizona’s Job Market

With a growing tech industry, the state’s job market offers stability and growth for locals and transplants to the area. Companies such as Lyft, Apple, and Uber are located in the state.

The affordability and innovation of Arizona attract smaller tech companies including Freshly and RetailMeNot.

There are also industries and jobs to choose from beyond tech. Becoming an expert in the best Search Engine Optimization Mississauga for example. 

Some of Arizona’s largest employers include PetSmart, Circle K, U-Haul, and Sprouts Farmers Market. The University of Arizona and Arizona State University are also significant employers around this region.

Phoenix has one of the best job markets in the country, with high numbers of job openings and high salaries.

Scottsdale is more likely to have tourism and hospitality opportunities as opposed to Phoenix’s reputation for tech jobs.


Aside from museums and nightlife, Arizona has many other great attractions like the Grand Canyon. The world already knows that Arizona is home to the most epic outdoor attraction in the country.

In addition to the Hoover Dam, you might also want to check out Monument Valley or the red rock of Sedona.

A popular festival in Tempe, the Summer Ends Music Festival celebrates the ending of the summer heat with different genres of music and local vendors to satisfy your taste buds. Why not get creative with your clothing by checking out

The week-long La Fiesta de Los Vaqueros in Tucson features western-themed floats and events in bull riding, roping, and barrel racing. The Festival of the Arts in Phoenix features over 100 art vendors and cultural organizations.

Take a break from the summer heat with a stop at a museum or gallery. They’re both regarded as some of the state’s best museums.

What To Expect

Newcomers from around the country relocate to Arizona’s urban centers looking for a lower cost of living, better opportunities for employment, and more outdoor recreation. Visitors also find plenty of art, culture, and urban amenities around Arizona.

Phoenix is home to seven major cities and urban villages with well-planned roadways and citywide sales centers. Even though long commutes exist, streets are arranged in grid systems and well-maintained freeways.

If you’re interested in this city as well as restaurants and shopping, consider the best neighborhoods in Phoenix. Phoenix is home to many resorts, desert gardens, and championship golf courses.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

If you’re moving to a city such as Phoenix, you’re going to need a moving professional. Finding moving companies in phoenix suitable to your needs is important for a smooth move.