You Are Stronger Than You Think

Finding Strength during Difficult Times: You Are Stronger Than You Think

An inspirational woman needs the strength to handle the responsibilities she tackles each day. However, not every day is a good day; hence, you may feel like you need more strength to take you through even what may seem like the simplest task. In such times, remember that you’re more resilient than you would believe.

So then, how do we stay strong during tough times?

Concentrate on the Here and Now

When in challenging times, focus on what you can handle. This is called the here and now. It helps in reducing stress which often makes difficult times more challenging. You can do this by reflecting on your thoughts and feelings at that particular time and journaling them in the order of importance. Journaling helps you address everything in chronological order.

Recognize That It Is Okay Not to Be Okay

Admitting it is okay not to be okay shows an individual’s strength. It is often hard to admit they’re in difficult times as they think it projects weakness. Recognizing this normalizes that difficulty happens to all humanity. That problem you think you are the only one facing, in a real sense, almost everyone has faced it. Therefore, accepting you are not okay provides the strength that makes it easy to find help.

Remember That You Are Not Alone

In times of adversity, loneliness can aggravate depression. Recognizing that people are willing to offer support helps curb this, consequently regenerating strength. Two heads are better than one, which makes a shared problem half solved. Therefore, we are advised to share our problems, especially within a therapeutic space.

Seek Inspiration

Finding inspiration can help one stay strong since inspirations give us a reason to stay positive and hopeful. One can become inspired by indulging in prayers for strength. Meditating on the words that are used during prayers can encourage one to find inspiration and can make a person hold on to better days. You can seek inspiration by doing activities such as yoga or meditation that allow you to center yourself and clear your thoughts and mind to hear that unmistakable voice within you. Listening to certain podcasts is also an excellent way to find inspiration to tackle and focus by utilizing the points addressed.

Keep an Open Mind

We keep an open mind by recalling that nothing remains after all. It won’t endure forever, whether it’s good or awful. When something bad happens, our minds tend to make it seem like it’s been going on much longer than it has and will continue to happen for a very long time. But even the worst sorts of circumstances come to an end. Occasionally, you must act to hasten that moment or bring them to an end. Other times, they end on their own. You can instantly strengthen your drive with an open mind and exercise patience.

Recall Past Triumphs

Nothing works best than handling a situation based on past lessons, whether from wins or losses. It reminds us that we have overcome past challenges that seemed impossible to prevail over at the time.


As you find your superwoman, remember that strength begins with you, and you will pull through this situation. After all, nothing is permanent in life!