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Breaking Down Vasectomies Beyond Contraception Health Perks

Contraception is usually a decisive factor for men who get vasectomies, as this procedure is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. Vasectomies can also have several other advantages. Here is a breakdown of several additional benefits associated with this outpatient procedure.

Exploring Benefits Beyond Contraception

A vasectomy is a minor surgery that provides the main benefit of permanent contraception. Once lab testing confirms that no sperm are present in a semen sample submitted three months after the procedure, you can look forward to the other benefits of a vasectomy.

In 2022, Pew Research Center surveyed 3,757 parents of children under the age of 18 about the difficulty of parenting. The survey found that 26% of respondents claimed parenting was a lot harder than they thought it would be and 36% found parenting to be somewhat more difficult than expected. 

A majority of the parents who participated in this survey reported higher stress levels than they anticipated. Getting a vasectomy Gilbert AZ ensures that there will be no unplanned additions to your household in the future. 

Vasectomy Health Perks

Limiting your overall level of stress can have many health benefits and reduce your risk of developing a number of chronic conditions. In particular, you are likely to get better sleep and have lower blood pressure when you experience less stress. Lower stress levels can also support a strong immune system.

Stress leads the body to produce the hormone cortisol, which can increase systemic levels of inflammation and potentially promote weight gain. When you have more free time and resources, it is also easier to incorporate regular exercise and relaxation into your daily and weekly routine. A vasectomy can ensure that you have time and energy to dedicate towards self-improvement and building stronger relationships with your partner and existing family. 

Greater Intimacy

Many men report higher levels of intimacy following a vasectomy. It is easier to enjoy the time you spend with your partner when both of you do not have to worry about single-use contraceptive methods that have relatively high failure rates, remembering to take daily birth control pills or scheduling regular appointments for female contraceptive implants.

The ability to promote sexual well being through increased spontaneity and the elimination of common sources of anxiety are two of the best reasons to look up a vasectomy clinic near me. A vasectomy will not alter the sensations or level of pleasure that you experience during intercourse.

More Involvement in Family Planning

As of 2023, male contraceptive use around the world is around 12.5%, which includes condoms, withdrawal and vasectomies. Discussing the decision to get a vasectomy near me with your spouse or partner can be one of the best ways to share responsibility for planning your family.

From the reduction in stress that a highly effective and permanent method of birth control can provide to increased intimacy and involvement in family planning, vasectomies can have a wide range of benefits and health perks beyond contraception. Contact an office that specializes in providing this procedure to learn more and schedule a consultation.