Are the 60s coming back in Spring? Resurging the retro style

They say that fashion is cyclical. What was hot 20 years ago often comes back around, with your younger siblings or even your kids kitted out in the same threads you once rocked at school or lounging in the park with your friends. Yet other fashion styles seem to always be on the cusp of being in style. The sixties is an iconic decade full of free love and self-discoveries, so it’s no surprise that this fashion returns. But how is the retro style resurging? 

Vibrant Colours 

When you think of the 60s, you think of sunflowers in your hair and bright, bold colours. Fashion has always been a way to showcase your personality, and these styles are no different. 

With so much to complain about in the modern world, it could help to wear yellows and oranges, perhaps with a splash of deep blue for that eye-catching contrast. 

These colours highlight the very essence of Flower Power that was during the decade, and the positive vibes that follow are not something you should miss. 

Relaxed Vibes 

Speaking of vibes, the sixties were a time when people did what they wanted when they wanted. There was an air of freedom and self-liberation, which was reflected in the clothing. Loose-fitting shirts and flowing skirts were all staples of any fashion-conscious wardrobe as the younger generation rebelled against their stuck-up, straight-laced parents and authority figures. 

And you could suggest there are some similarities today. People are tired of the older generations telling them what they should do because evidence has shown that doing everything you’re supposed to still doesn’t get you where you want to be. Instead of conforming, relaxed, comfortable vibes could be the way forward this spring. 

Swirling Patterns 

No image is more iconic than the tie-dye style, and swirling patterns used to represent the psychedelic experience or the natural world, which many icons of the sixties felt connected to. 

Although the tye-dye style may have become more of a costume in recent decades, there are hints that it will come back and become a staple of a springtime wardrobe and even beyond, especially with the festival season coming soon after. 

The design is instantly recognisable and eye-catching, so it’s perfect for forward-thinking fashionistas looking to stand out and get ahead of the curve. 

Accessories Galore 

It won’t just be your clothing that feels like you’ve been dropped in the middle of Woodstock during the spring. As with any other vintage styling blog, mentioning how you can make the most of the resurgence through accessories to complete the look and get creative with your wardrobe is vital. 

Bangles, long, swinging necklaces, and a finger-full of heavy bejewelled rings are all ideal for mixing and matching with your preferred outfit. Furthermore, circular-lens glasses (like that of John Lennon) also offer functional and stylistic benefits that are perfect for capturing the vibe and feel of the sixties. 

Space Age 

Many people take space travel for granted nowadays, yet it was one of the most exciting times of the sixties as people looked optimistically toward a future of flying cars and robot butlers–if only. 

While many sixties styles revolved around natural materials and a relaxed appeal, other designers focused on futuristic elements representing innovation and exploration. Now the world is firmly in the decades imagined long ago, add some alternative sixties flair by focusing on clothes featuring architectural geometry combined with sports clothing.


The sixties was also a time when people embraced self-sufficiency. They didn’t like wasting materials and were happy to create their own to foster a unique style. Crocheted tops and skirts are two examples of this self-sufficiency. This approach shunned the cheap, mass-produced nonsense many flower children of the sixties grew tired of. With a modern focus on sustainability, crocheting clothing could become an affordable, waste-free way to bring back a time and attitude that seems long-forgotten. 

Androgynous Looks 

Heavy boots like Doc Martens or gender-neutral sneakers like the classic Converse All-Stars also paved the way for androgynous looks in the sixties when people were happy to embrace all fashion facets to express themselves. Although these trends disappeared from contemporary culture soon after, many young people are now comfortable wearing whatever they like, as they should, so don’t be surprised to see a mix and match of all sorts of clothing when you’re next out this spring.

Swinging Into the Sixties 

Sixties fashion continues to be iconic. Freshening up your style or celebrating the attitude of the times can inspire you to bring back the 60s this spring and perhaps give you a chance to innovate on the style to add your own unique modern spark.