bookshelf wealth

What is Bookshelf Wealth and how to stay on top of this trend in 2024

Trends come and go, but when you find one you like, it is so fun to grab hold and go with it. When it comes to making changes to your home, embracing a decorating trend, such as bookshelf wealth, is a great way to try something new to reinvigorate the place you love.

Let’s get started and learn more about the latest trend in 2024 and how you can incorporate it into your home today. Continue reading to create a major impact on your home’s aesthetics. 

What Is Bookshelf Wealth?

At its core, the creative design concept that has evolved into bookshelf wealth is all about you. This era of home design revolves around your preferences. With bookshelf wealth, you get to curate your beloved selection of well-read books in addition to tchotchkes and sentimental items you have collected throughout the years. This styling effort is essentially a way to display a library that is uniquely yours.

Here are the tips on how to make it happen and create the bookshelf wealth of your daydreams. For more inspiration on designing with class check out this home styling blog.

Start With the Bookshelves.

This first part will vary considerably depending on where you live and the space you have within your home. That being said, bookshelf wealth focuses on books; therefore, it stands to reason that you need a place to display your treasured works.

The bookshelves you choose should be in good condition and ideally an addition to the overall design instead of just a vessel to hold your maximalist bookshelf wealth dreams. If you like, refinish or repaint the bookshelf before you begin setting up your display. Choose a colour or stain to enhance the room and show off the books and collections. 

Which Items Should You Display?

When deciding what to place amongst your books, let your possessions tell a story about your life. The story should not only be for others to gaze upon, but it should be for you, as well. If you collected a small bottle of sand on a beach vacation with your beloved grandmother, tie a bow in her favourite colour around the bottle and gently place it on your bookshelf. Creating wealth in this way is more than displaying your net worth. It is a display of the wealth of your life experiences.

Add Elements of Cosiness.

When you think of a library, an image of comfort should be in front of your mind. There should be a seat or two where you can sit down and get lost in a good book. To create that mood add cosy chairs, pouffes, and plush pillows. Arrange the seating to face the bookshelves so you can enjoy the vibrant display you’ve created. Have a basket of soft blankets nearby, and you’ll never want to leave.

Hang Beautiful Artwork.

Art can only add to the maximalist bookshelf wealth you are creating. Choose items that evoke a happy memory, such as a postcard from a wonderful vacation. Frame the postcard and hang it on the back of the bookshelf so it peeks out from above the books. Place a piece from a local artist or one of your children in a stylish frame and hang it in your room. Mix and match a variety of artwork in black frames for a cohesive look that screams arthouse era.

How Can You Keep Your Design Current?

The easiest way to keep your home decor designs fresh is by making changes. Start by shopping at home. Look around different rooms and spaces within your home. Open up storage boxes and sort through your treasured belongings. 

Swap out one or two things in each room that you are tired of looking at every day or no longer inspire you yet still have value. That value may be monetary or sentimental. Regardless of how you identify the items, hold onto them instead of discarding everything once the proverbial shine is gone. Seasons and moods change, and you may wish to display those pieces again, but in a different light.

Back to the refresh – when you find something in the attic you adored as a child, find it a new home within yours. Display a treasured figurine next to a well-read time on your bookshelf to create even more bookshelf wealth. An old, worn, silvered mirror will look lustrous when hung amongst your books and belongings. Creating a new look and keeping it up-to-date while honouring the bookshelf wealth image you want to portray is all about making changes and enjoying what makes you distinctive. That is what bookshelf wealth is all about. Try it today.