A New Toy is Your Best Friend When You’re Traveling With Kids


A hard fact of traveling with kids, much to our chagrin, is that the journey can often be a bit of a nightmare. Whether you’re driving or flying, when you have young kids in tow, it’s easy to want to jump out of the moving vehicle. Smart moms need to get creative to keep the fidgeting and complaining to a minimum.

“For the actual travel part, we like to give the kids a new toy or activity—something that keeps them occupied during the flight or drive,” says New York-based PR exec, Marlene Capron. “I suggest flash cards or portable art supplies. Or, keep it simple with crayons and some paper, which can provide hours of amusement.”

Try a great coloring book, a deck of Uno cards, a travel-sized board game, or an educational video game for the long road ahead, and preserve your sanity!

What are your best tips for keeping the kids busy on the road? Tell us in the comments below.