A.J. Cook’s Favorite Workout Is a Great Way To Keep the Holiday Weight At Bay


Many of us have our workout obsessions. From pounding the pavement to hitting our favorite Soul Cycle class, these exercise regimes keep us healthy and sane in the midst of our on-the-go, overly busy lives. Between cooking and Christmas shopping, it can be hard to find a spare minute, but it’s even more important to make time to exercise during the holidays.

For hot mama and Criminal Minds star A.J. Cook, that dedication to staying fit comes in the form of Pilates–the low-impact, core-focused workout favored by women for its ability to build long, lean muscles.

We asked the star and Elizabeth Street mom why Pilates is her workout of choice. Here’s what she told us: “I was looking for something that would keep me in shape without bulking me up, and Pilates fit the bill. I’m not talking your classical mat Pilates; this is a heart-pumping version done on a reformer bed. You are dripping sweat by the end of the class. I love it because with my busy schedule and limited time, I need my workouts to count! This checks off all the boxes for me when it comes to cardio, weight training, and stretching.”

So if you’re looking for a way to keep the holiday weight at bay, combine Pilates with A.J.’s smoothie recipe as a healthy snack to breeze through the craziness of the most wonderful time of the year.