6 Beloved Chapter Books for Your Little Big Readers

My daughter has reached one of those weird gaps in the child’s reading life–while she still loves picture books, she is hungry for a bit more story, not to mention the grownup thrill of holding a chapter book. But she is very scariness-averse, so alas we are not yet diving into the Wizard of Oz series (which I have been waiting to revisit since devouring them circa 4th grade or so).

And at 5, she is not quite ready for the socio-psycho-dramas of middle grade series like the Nancy Clancy chapter books (though she loves them anyway, due to the thrill of seeing her old pal Fancy Nancy all grown up). So, for all you parents of little big readers, here are the six chapter books we’ve found to be interesting, funny, not-too-scary, and relevant. And PS, even her squirmy 3-year-old brother likes to listen in on most of these.

Nichola Hunt

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