3 Paris Day Trips


Elizabeth Street moms map out their favorite kid-friendly day trips from Paris.

Day trips are a great way to get out and discover—whether you’re escaping the city you call home or taking a vacation within a vacation. The only problem is that it can be hard to play it by ear (a staple of a day trip, no?) when you’re toting the tots with you. We love getting tips from parents who travel a lot about how to best vacation with the little ones. Here, three Parisian moms give us three different full day plans for their favorite day trips from Paris. (Need some suggestions of what to do in the City of Light? Check out our mom-approved Paris spots in our Little Pink Book.)

The activities and spots listed here are all kid-tested, so if you ever plan to be in Paris (or live there yourself!) you’ve got the choice of three no-brainer, already-planned Paris day trips to follow to the T! From a visit to the zoo in Normandy to impeccable seafood in Honfleur and milk and cookies in bed at Versailles, you and your little ones will surely create a day trip to remember. Flip through the slideshow to tap into your itinerary for the perfect French escape. —Hally Wolhandler


Sandra Fixon
Occupation: Partner of Caviar Kaspia and La Maison de la Truffe
Children: Olivia, 9; Lucas, 8
Suggested Day Trip: Honfleur

10 a.m.
Take the kids to the Musée de la Marine in Honfleur.
12 p.m.
Have lunch at Côté Resto.
3 p.m.
Go to the playground by the beach.
6 p.m.
Enjoy dinner at La Ferme Saint-Siméon.

3 Paris Day Trips


Elodie David Touboul
Occupation: Stylist
Children: Columbine, 1½
Suggested Day Trip: Versailles

9 a.m.
Load the stroller into the car and drive to Versailles.
10 a.m.
Stroll through Le Petit Trianon.
12 p.m.
Have lunch at the Grand Café d’Orléans.
2 p.m.
Visit the gallery at Le Grand Trianon.
4 p.m.
Order milk and cookies in an elegant guestroom at Trianon Palace.


Elodie Garamond
Occupation: Marketing and development manager of Parfip Lease
Children: Jules, 4
Suggested Day Trip: Normandy

9 a.m.
Bring the kids to see the horses at Deauville-La Touques.
10 a.m.
Eat breakfast at Le Cyrano.
12 p.m.
Check out the Deauville Market.
2 p.m.
Take the little ones to Zoo de Champrépus.
7 p.m.
Have dinner at Le Comptoir.