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20 Reasons to Buy a Property in Spain

Spain is an amazing place to see, and there are 20 reasons you should go to this great country or visit a real estate agency and see what great property bargains are available.

Mountain Ranges

Spain is the country that has the second most mountains in Europe. You can relax on the slopes and look down at the beaches.

Best Places to Eat

Some of the best eateries globally are in Spain, including El Bulli and El Edller de Can Roca, which have won the best restaurant in the world awards.

Oldest Restaurant in the World

Casa Botin has been in operation since 1725, and the famous painter Goya worked as a waiter there. This place also makes a great roasted pig.

Egyptian Temples

There are real Egyptian temples in the centre of Madrid. The Temple of Debod was given to Spain as a gift from Egypt in 1968.

Roman Ruins

There are many great ruins made by the Romans that can be found in Spain. The Roman Theatre in Merida is still used for performances.

Moorish Attractions

The Moor rule lasted around eight hundred years, and their influence can still be seen all around Spain. One of the most famous Moor attractions is the Alhambra in Granada.

Formidable Parties

The Tomatina is just one of the many parties that make international news. The event attracted almost 100,000 people in 2018.

More to Discover

Many villages have their own fests and parties, including dance, a five-story human statue, flames, fruit, and many other memorable quirks.


There are many beautiful Cathedrals in Spain, including the Gaudi masterpiece, La Sagrada Familiar, and the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

A Mosque that is 1,000 years old

The Mezquita located in Cordoba is one of the oldest mosques. It has been a World Heritage Site since 1984.

Amazing Water Parks

Lago Martianez is a water park with seawater, palms, trees, and volcanic rock. Not only is it beautiful but it is reasonably priced.

Hidden Beaches

Take a drive along the coast, and there are many unknown beaches with clear water and clean sand.

Best Wine in the World

The La Rioja region makes some of the best wine in the world. They won the Spectator’s Best Wine award in 2015. This wine is still affordable to purchase.

Free Food When You Buy a Drink

Getting some food with your drink is a tradition in Spain. In some cities, you can get a full meal by ordering drinks.

Salvador Dali’s House

It is open for tourists to visit. You can see the artwork, including the famous giant egg on the roof.

Eat on an Active Volcano

The volcanic island of Lanzarote is open for business. You can stop at the Timanfaya National Park and overlook the volcano vent as you eat.

Beautiful Homes

People take care of their homes. There are bougainvillea villages and a competition for the best flowers and courtyards.

Varieties of Paella

This famous dish has many variations, including rabbit, snail, mussels, and other local specialties. They are all delicious; it is hard to choose just one type.

Mediterranean Life

While there are many different lifestyles, the culture is still there. There are family meals, Sunday naps, and summers on the beach.