What Does the March 25 Lunar Eclipse in Libra Mean

What Does the March 25 Lunar Eclipse in Libra Mean?

On March 25, the moon will pass through the farthest edge of the earth’s outer shadow in what astrologists refer to as a “penumbral” lunar eclipse. Because the moon will be full in Libra, this eclipse could create chaotic conditions for individuals born under the signs of Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer. If one of these signs governs your astrological house, psychic readings for Libra could help keep you sufficiently balanced to counteract any turbulence.

Wisdom & Objectivity

Individuals with Libras on their birth charts may feel off-balance around the time of the March eclipse and might need some help strengthening their interpersonal skills. To overcome relationship or career setbacks caused by the eclipse, your oversoul may direct your attention toward unexpected areas. You may, for example, feel a “push” to read the business or world events sections in the news. Your higher self could be attempting to guide you toward the insight you’ll gain from reading about how certain companies or nations overcome their own demanding situations. The insights you gain could better prepare you to approach your personal issues with the wisdom and objectivity shown by experienced leaders.

Psychic readings can help uncover how a lunar eclipse could affect the events taking place along your life path and what approaches you could use to maintain your objectivity. A talented psychic could also help you uncover innate interpersonal skills that can guide your language and demeanor when you need to repair a deteriorating relationship. During the penumbral lunar eclipse, you may find yourself using new skills to reconnect with unhappy friends, ignored relatives or former coworkers.

Harmony Over Conflict

While usually romantic and compassionate, Libras — and those individuals with Libra rising signs — may begin turning inward to address unresolved issues. When you attempt to understand a disturbing past event, you may wish to connect with remote viewing psychics online to help put all the pieces together. The right psychic can help you see the overall big picture by helping you find lost information or locate individuals over the internet.

Unexpectedly coming across an online posting or image of someone from your past might bring up unresolved issues. Experienced remote viewing psychics could use their skills to tap into universal energy frequencies, which could be a good way to work out conflicted feelings regarding a past relationship. A gifted psychic can receive impressions from a distant individual on a subconscious level and help you find the answers you’re looking for. Remote viewing could help you resolve issues without bringing a potentially negative individual back into your life.

Don’t Let a Lunar Eclipse Darken Your Plans

The moon passing through the earth in Libra could disrupt certain routines or plans concerning romance or procreation. If you have plans to go on a romantic vacation or begin raising a family, you may wish to consider holding off until the eclipse has run its course. During a penumbral lunar eclipse, the negative side of certain situations may appear to you for the first time. By scheduling psychic readings before or during the eclipse, you could decipher clues or gain insights that might otherwise not reveal themselves.