These Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts Put That Bottle of Perfume to Shame!

Year in and year out, trying to figure out the perfect gift for your mama for Mother’s Day can seem like a nearly impossible feat. They’re women who have spent huge parts of their lives raising us and ensuring that we have had everything we need–gifting them a bottle of perfume or a cashmere sweater seems like a paltry return on that investment.

This year, why not consider putting in some extra time instead of extra cash and craft something with your own hands that will fill you both with joy on May 11. We’re not talking about a macaroni craft frame like the one you made in kindergarten–think fragrant bath salts, a gorgeous hand-stamped scarf, or a colorful hanging planter. When your mom knows that you spent some extra time crafting something just for her, she’ll truly feel appreciated and loved, which is really what the day is about, isn’t it?