Is dating someone from another country a good idea

Is dating someone from another country a good idea?

Finding someone to date in your area seems more and more challenging every year. People become busier with their careers and own lives. Family values are lost and people are less interested in marriage. All this makes individuals look for their life partners elsewhere. Nowadays, dating someone from another country is not so surprising. However, is this really efficient?

Like any other relationship, international dating has its perks and downsides. You never know what challenges you are going to face, actually. If you consider dating someone from another part of the world, pay attention to the tips below. See what kind of challenges you are going to overcome and what benefits you may receive. 

The perks of dating someone abroad

Being involved in a relationship with someone who lives really far from you is quite exciting. Such a relationship is full of romance and some kind of thrill. You often lack these feelings when dating someone in your area. “Besides, when you date someone from another point of the world, you develop yourself. You learn a new culture, you learn a foreign language and you learn a lot of new things about yourself.” (Source: )

Being involved in a relationship with a foreigner has a range of perks and benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • You learn about a different culture;
  • Intercultural relationships make you a more versatile person;
  • International couples speak at least two languages;
  • Kids born in international families are very beautiful and talented;
  • You learn more customs and become more tolerant of people.

These are some of the obvious advantages of dating someone from another country. Moreover, when you are involved in such relationship, you have a chance to find something you cannot really find in your country. For example, if western women are not that feminine and more independent, Slavic girls or those from South America are more family-oriented and obedient. This is what makes American guys look for women abroad. If you want a more feminine and marriage-oriented lady, you need to look abroad. 

However, regardless of all the perks and good sides, there is a range of things to be aware of. Dating someone from another country is not an eternal holiday and it will somehow affect your life. 

Regular travels

You cannot date anyone from a distance. At least, it will not last too long. You will need to communicate online a lot. Sooner or later, you both will need to meet for real dates. Then, it will mean you both need to travel back and forth. If your date lives somewhere where she has difficulties getting a visa to your country, then you would be the one to travel to see her. 

Regular travels are some of the most challenging parts of long-distance relationships. They are exactly what is waiting for you if you start it. If you are impatient and cannot wait to have a date too long, then dating someone from another country is not for you. The only exception is when your crush from another country is already living in your area. For instance, she is an expat or has a working contract there. In this case, you can easily avoid all that fuss with traveling back and forth and simply date her right in your country. 

Cultural and language barriers

Cultural and language barriers
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Dating someone from another country is great but it is always related to certain language difficulties. Various misunderstandings may arise during your communication. Unless you speak one mother tongue, these misunderstandings are inevitable. Of course, you can easily avoid them thanks to learning and being patient. There is no need to be offended by some words or actions. Just pay respect to different cultural peculiarities.


If your date doesn’t live in your country, then expenses include traveling back and forth. Sooner or later, you both will need to move in, somewhere in your or her country, and settle down. This is not cheap as well. Taking your date to your country is also cost-consuming. If she needs a visa, then it will take some time to arrange and get it. Lawyer expenses may be required when dating someone from another country.

How to succeed in dating someone from another country

Not every international or long-distance relationship will be successful, just like any other bond. Therefore, you need to put in a certain effort to make it work:

  • Be patient;
  • Be open to learning new customs and traditions;
  • Do not judge people if they do not meet your expectations in terms of culture;
  • Be flexible;
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If you are going to date someone from another country, you can always meet this person during your trips. If this is not the case but you are still not very happy with the ladies in your area, subscribe to a dating site and use it. Just do not forget to pick a reputable service that will bring the best results.