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Steven Stapinski Andover – How Travel Affects You

pexels photo 1371360

For my great friend Steven Stapinski Andover was a place which I never thought that he would leave. Steven was born here, worked here and was happy here. I on the other hand, couldn’t wait to get out and explore the world when I was younger, and I always wanted Steve to come with me, something which he would often refuse. And so imagine my surprise when my kind hearted friend calls me up and let’s me know that he’s off to Asia for 3 months, I cannot tell you how happy I was at hearing the news.

I wasn’t sure what Steven would be like when he got back, but as it happened he came back as the perfect representation of what happens to someone when they travel.

High on Life

There is absolutely a high that you get when you are filling up your mind, body and soul with new experiences, and this is one of the first things which you will notice when you go traveling. The people you meet, the adventures which you have and the memories which you create are absolutely incredible and you end up coming home on this cloud of happiness.

More Considerate

I wasn’t sure that Steven could get any more considerate but this was certainly something which I noticed in him since he came back. Again this stands to reason, when you travel, especially to someone else’s country, you have a certain level of respect for the customs and traditions there. Ultimately when you travel you get the chance to take your head out of your own butt, and look at things in a very different light. Whether experiencing other cultures or poverty, there is something that happens to your emotions and your attitudes which makes you more understanding of other people’s situations.

Bigger Dreams

When you take yourself away from the bubble in which you live, and get out there in the world, you really do meet a lot of ambitious and interesting people along the way, and many of them offer incredible inspiration to you. What I have found after I come home from my travels is that I am super charged up to do many things and to kickstart some ideas which I have had. This is the same thing that happened with Steven too and many more of my friends have a similar attitude after they get back from a few months of travel.

Future Travels

And of course, those who love to travel, catch the bug and then they cannot wait to hit the road again. This is what happens to every single person who goes traveling and what you soon recognize is that the time between trips gets shorter and shorter. This is very much an addictive pastime, and travel is incredibly infectious.

I was so happy for Steven and to be honest, I cannot wait for us both to hit the road together and see what kind of a time we will have.