Power Moms on the Move: Lara Stone is Pregnant and Naked

Pregnant celebs displaying their baby bumps in the nude is not a new idea. Since Demi Moore wore her birthday suit while pregnant with daughter Scout Willis on the famous Vanity Fair cover in 1991, many celebrities and moms-to-be have been inspired by her pioneering efforts. And now Calvin Klein model Lara Stone is following suit.

Stone, who gave birth to a son in May, stripped down for British Artist Marc Quinn for the 55th International Art Exhibition in Venice. Reclining on a bed of meat, Stone cups her belly with a somewhat perplexed look on her face. Refinery29 said it best: “The meat reference is a little left field, but hey, don’t step in the way or pregnancy cravings, right?” We have to agree.

From Jessica Simpson on the cover of Elle to Britney Spears on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Stone is yet another blonde bombshell displaying a growing baby bump to the masses. But unlike these celebrities, it seems that Stone has done this shoot for art’s sake rather than for promotion of a recent film or album. We really commend stone for having the courage to bare all while pregnant. But hey, if we had her body, we probably would too.